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McCalls 9393A

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

I search the internet high and low for this pattern and finally came across it on Mrs.Depews Etsy site. Needless say I snapped this little baby up! (#McCalls #9393A). This pattern is very simple, but looks great when made. Its a fabulous 50's design. I highly recommend you find yourself a copy.

The fabric I used

I wanted to be similar to the drawing on the pattern cover ie the same kind of print on each side of the dress. I did look for spots in the beginning, but then struck on the idea of cotton quilting fabric which tend to do that type of printing in their fabrics. Conveniently there was a quilting store not far from me where I picked up these gorgeous fabrics. (#Mccalls #9393A #Brightside)

What I learnt

I learnt how to make what seemed like metres of bias binding and I leant the trying to sew bias binding on without a bias binding foot is difficult, at least it was for me. It involved much unpicking and re-stitichg and tacking. Blah! But I think the end product turned out wonderful. I do plan on making another with the below choice of fabric. Pale pink on the inside and the multi coloured fabric on the main piece.

What do you think? I am really not sure what bias binding colour to use though. (#Homesewingiseasy #AlexanderHenry)

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