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The Rock'n'Roll Outfits

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Yes it's true. I dance Rock'n'Roll. So I have decided to post some of the outfits I have made.

In the RnR community you find people tend to buy from the same retailers for their dresses and circle skirts so its all the same. When I first started dancing I went to a dance and saw 4 ladies in the same outfit, including me!! Who would of thought! So I thought I will have none of that and decided to make my own.(#RocknRoll #Homemade)

In Rock'n'Roll having matchy outfits is a "thing"

Matchy matchy is mostly for dance competition (which I have done). But I tend to make the matching outfit for my dance partner anyway. Mainly cause I could not stand living with him and putting up with the pestering of "Where's my outfit?" and "Are you making me a shirt?"

I found some Wedding Satin on sale, beautiful shine and weight. Got it for an absolute bargain and so wish I had more.

I put some lace around the neckline and some beading although you can't tell with the above photo. I made little cap sleeves princess style with not too much puff.

I matched it up with a red satin and made a red satin belt with diamond buckle for Christmas!

This one is the first circle skirt I made for the first competition we went into. We had only been dancing 3 months, what were we thinking! The skirt turned out great but not the dance. The mathematics in a circle skirt involves ∏ = 3.1415926535897932 Remember pie at school. I did use pie in making mine however If you never like maths then use one of the many sites that make math easy with this great circle skirt calculator: byHandLondon.

Below are some images of outfits I've made or work in progress (see the last imaging with Zombie fabric!)

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