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Candy Castle Peppermint Swirl dress with Square neckline

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

I found online the wonderful Candy castle Peppermint swirl pattern which would look ideal as a Rock n Roll outfit, just imagine the swirl. I decided to make it in a bright cotton green and white. The pattern calls for a wider seam but I opted for a overlock stitch. It is a gathered waist much to my dismay I would rather of had a more fitted look, and I could of been bothered to figure out the right adjustments to the pattern width if it weren't for the fact that I decided to make this for a RnR competition in a few week and I am also dieting.

Yes I know dieting while making a dress are less than ideal. SO, there is much wriggle room in there just incase the diet does not last (so optimistic). Although I have lost 2 kilos so far. There will be extra room on the sides should I grow in size again.

When it came to the bodice I used a Basic Bodice block as I wanted to draft a square neckline. But not just a square neckline a curvy square neckline. I have been Googling the TR Cutting method quite a bit lately and wanted to to do something just a little different It definatly worth a Google. The curves on the bodice neckline were easy to draft out but not sew easy together. There was a lot of pins and a lot of easing.

I did have a few sketches about different thoughts on the design, about blending the green stripe into the bodice, however being that the skirt was gathered it would not work. I then had to pin and hand stitch the concave curves to concave curve, as you can imagine sewing it together was a slow and steady task. But it looks pretty good. Next were the many choices of sleeve.

As it was for dancing the need to have a lot of movement for my arms was paramount. I did in the end decide to something like version 3 and added a flounce only to find I was not at all happy with it. The Sleeve is still in progress....

In addition to my dress I also made my dance partner a matching vest from Lincraft Unisex 1017

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